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The time you spend with your family is precious, even more so when you’re always busy and in a rush. It’s why we cherish the moments we do have together, and why it’s frustrating when we don’t get to do things like enjoy home-cooked meals together as often as we’d like.
While a busy schedule might be the main culprit, sometimes it also has to do with not having a proper space to entertain and socialize.

With a kitchen remodel, all that can change. After experiencing all the new features for yourself and creating a kitchen that’s fun to be in, you’ll have the ideal space for more family time.

On top of having more family time with a kitchen remodel, you can have more alone time with a bathroom renovation. Time to ourselves to recharge is just as important, and what better place to escape from daily chores and worries than into your personal bathroom haven. Bring luxury, style, and functionality together and create the perfect place to relax.

Other Services We Offer

Full Service Artisan Tradework
Owned & Operated Millwork Shop
Wood Restoration
Detailed Masonry & Tile-work
Crown Moulding
Custom Plumbing
Complete Electric Work


Great quality and service!

Price was competitive with the market, team completed the project in a timely manner and the end result was exactly what we wanted! Great experience overall and would recommend anyone to use them.

Dylan Hall

Wow. DB Interiors was amazing from start to finish! From the management to the quality of work, everything was just great. Very professional and responsive. I highly recommend.

Ion Deleu
Amazing customer service!

The best part of all was knowing with 100% certainty that our house was in good hands even when we weren’t there. We couldn’t possibly be happier with the end product. They took a limited amount of space and made it both functional and attractive.

Dylan Hall
The result is fantastic!

The BD Interiors team was very professional and made sure to include me in all remodeling issues and changes to the schedule due to bad weather. The house looks great and the workmanship is excellent.

Mike Weber

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